Fig. 5. Knockdown AR decreases VEGF-C expression and lymphangiogenesis in chondrosarcoma tumors. VEGF-C expression was detected in JJ012 and JJ012s-hAR cells by qPCR and ELISA (A and B). CM from JJ012 and JJ012-shAR cells was applied to LECs and analyzed for tube formation activity (C) as well as migration activity (D). Mice were injected subcutaneously with Matrigel mixed with JJ012 and JJ012/shAR cells, then were sacrificed after 28 days. Tumor sections were embedded in paraffin and AR and VEGF-C antibodies were used for immunostaining (E). The correlation between tumor stage, AR and VEGF-C (F). The correlation between AR and VEGF-C mRNA expression in chondrosarcoma tissue was examined by qPCR (G). Quantitative results are expressed as the mean SEM. *P<0.05 as compared with the control group.