Fig. 5. FOXO1 is a direct target of miR-486-5p. (A) The prediction of the binding between miR-486-5p and FOXO1 was conducted by TargetScan. (B) Seed sequences of miR-486-5p in the Wt and Mut 3'-UTR of FOXO1. (C) The expression of FOXO1 was detected by Western blot in HEK293 cells after co-transfection of agomir-486-5p and/or 3'-UTR (Wt or Mut) of FOXO1. (D,E) Luciferase reporter assay was performed to verify the binding of miR-486-5p in the Wt or Mut 3'-UTR of FOXO1. Each experiment was assayed in triplicate independently. Data was represented as means SD. *P<0.001, v.s. control.