Fig. 1. Association between low expression of mitoERβ in breast tumors and breast cancer recurrence or metastasis. A. ERβ mRNA levels measured by qRT-PCR in cancer tissues and adjacent normal tissues of 30 breast cancer patients. B. ERβ protein levels measured by immunohistochemistry in breast cancers and adjacent normal tissue. C. ERβ protein levels measured by immunoblotting with anti-ERβ antibody in paired tissue samples from 10 breast cancer patients. D. Scatterplot showing a negative correlation between ERβ expression and metastasis (recurrence). Pearson correlation coefficient and p values are shown in the graph. E. Immunoblotting with ERβ antibody of the mitochondrial fraction of breast cancer tissues derived from luminal A (P4), luminal B (P1, P2, P5, P6, P7, P8, P10), HER2 (P3, P11) and triple negative breast cancer (P9, P12) types. Fraction purity and protein loading were assessed by Prx3 antibody.