Fig. 4. Role of SST14 in beta cell survival following exposure to pro-inflammatory cytokines. To identify an effective exposure time and cytokine combination for assessment of apoptosis, MIN6 cells were initially exposed to TNFα and IL1β alone or in combination for 6, 16 or 20h as well as to TNFα, IL1β and IFNγ combined (1000 U/ml, 50U/ml and 1000 U/ml, respectively, panel A and B, n=4). Based on the results, apoptosis was subsequently assessed in MIN6 beta cells pre-treated with SST14 for 48h prior to 20h incubation with 50 U/ml IL1β and 1000 U/ml TNFα panel C, data representative of three separate experiments). ***P<0.001 vs control without cytokines as appropriate, +++P<0.001 SST14 vs control (one way ANOVA and Bonferroni's multiple comparisons test).