Fig.1. Transcriptional profile of (A) TSP1, (B) TSP2, (C) CD36 and (D) CD47 at different stages of CL development in the riverine buffalo (n = 10/group). (early CL, days 1-4, mid CL, days 5-10, late CL, days 11-16, and regressed CL, days >17 of estrous cycle). The PF served as calibrator group to calculate the fold change. RPS15A and GAPDH were used as reference gene to calculate ΔCt (delta Ct). Results are presented as Mean▒SEM. Different superscripts denote statistically significant (p<0.05). Abbreviations: CL, Corpus Luteum; mRNA, Messenger RNA; TSP, Thrombospondin; CD, Cluster of differentiation; PF, Preovulatory follicle.