Fig. 4. miR-186-5p inhibits the migration and invasion of OS cells in vitro, and targets a predicted target FOXK1 3'-UTR. (A,B) Transwell assay was performed to determine the migration and invasion ability of U2OS, MG-63 and Saos-2 cells. Representative images showed migrative and invasive cells in the lower chamber stained with crystal violet. (C) TargetScan ( was used to predict potential target genes of miR-186-5p and identified FOXK1 as a potential target. A schematic showed reporter constructs of wild-type FOXK1 3′-UTR (upper panel) and 3′-UTR with mutated miR-186-5p-binding sites (lower panel). Values presented as mean SD. *P<0.001, v.s. control.