Fig. 1. Amitriptyline treated septic mice demonstrate improved survival and decreased hypothermia, despite no differences in local and systemic IL-6 levels and bacterial burden. Mice underwent CLP. A) Control and AT-treated mice were monitored for survival. * p<0.05 vs CLP+NS; n = 30 mice/group. B) Peritoneal wash and blood samples were collected 6 hours after CLP for cytokine analysis, and IL-6 was quantified for NS- and AT-treated septic mice. n = 10 mice/group. C) Aural temperatures of septic mice treated with NS or AT are shown 16 h after CLP. * p<0.05 vs CLP+NS; n = 25 mice/group. D) Peritoneal wash and blood were collected 16 hours after CLP and samples were cultured to determine bacterial burden. n = 6 mice/group.