Fig. 5. Slc2a4 CRE site participates in the cAMP-stimulate transcriptional activity. Wild type (WT) and mutant (Mut3, Mut4 and Mut5) -975/-14 segments of the Slc2a4 gene were transfected in 3T3-L1 adipocytes, and analyzed for their luciferase activity. Luciferase activity of 3T3-L1 adipocytes transfected with Slc2a4 promoter sequence containing WT, Mut3, Mut4 and Mut5 CRE domains, and stimulated with 8-br-cAPM for 2 h; basal transcriptional activity of cells transfected with the empty vector is shown on the left. Data are means ▒ SEM of 3 different experiments. ###P<0.001 vs all groups, one-way ANOVA, Student Newman Keuls post hoc test.