Fig. 4. Iodine dose response curve for hGLUT9a, NmodGLUT9a, hGLUT9b, NmodGLUT9b. X. laevis oocytes expressing hGLUT9a (filled circles), NmodGLUT9a (open circles), GLUT9b (filled triangles) or NmodGLUT9b (open triangles). Iodine inhibits hGLUT9a-mediated current in a dose-dependent manner. Iodine inhibition of NmodGLUT9a is 34-fold decreased when compared to hGLUT9a (IC50: 35.1▒6.7 ÁM versus 1200▒228 ÁM, respectively, p<0.001, Student's T-test). hGLUT9b- and NmodGLUT9b-mediated current is not affected by iodine.