Fig. 1. Effects of HUVEC/RPE cells co-culture on NO release in RPE cells, in physiological (A and C) or peroxidative (B and D) conditions. In A and B, the effects of Aflibercept (A), and in C and D, the effects of Ranibizumab (R), are shown. The values obtained correspond to the nitrite (μM) produced after each stimulation. C=control (non- treated cells). UO (UO126 4 μM for 15 min); WORT (wortmannin 4 μM for 15 min); SB (SB203580 4 μM for 15 min); L-NAME (4 μM for 15 min). Reported data are means SD of five independent experiments for each experimental protocol. Significance between groups: *P<0.05 vs C; #P<0.05 vs 200 μM H2O2. Short square brackets indicate significance between groups (P<0.05).