Retraction Statement

The article

“Chrysin Inhibits Proinflammatory Factor-Induced EMT Phenotype and Cancer Stem Cell-Like Features in HeLa Cells by Blocking the NF-κB/Twist Axis”
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2019;52:1236-1250; DOI: 10.33594/000000084]
by Weilei Dong, A Chen, Xiaocheng Cao, Xiang Li, YingHong Cui, Chang Xu, Jianguo Cao and Yingxia Ning

has been retracted by the Publisher and the Editors.

After publication of this article, concerns about the integrity of some of the data presented in this article have been raised on PubPeer and an Expression of Concern was published:,

Following the publication of the Expression of Concern, the authors have stated in a belated response that the requested original data have been lost, and further issues in this article have been identified on PubPeer, which show clear signs of image manipulation. Therefore, the article has been retracted. The authors do not agree with this retraction.