Corresponding Author: Yong An

Department of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, 185 Juqian Street, Changzhou, 213000 (P.R. China)


In the original article by An, et al., entitled “circZMYM2 Competed Endogenously with miR-335- 5p to Regulate JMJD2C in Pancreatic Cancer” [Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;51(5):2224-2236, DOI: 10.1159/000495868], there has been a mistake in choosing the representative images for the flowcytometry panels in Fig. 6E, which made them look more similar than expected.
The authors have repeated this part of the experiment and the corrected Fig. 6 is shown below. The authors confirm that all of the results and conclusions of the article remain unchanged, as well as the figure legend.

The authors sincerely apologize for this mistake.

Fig. 6. MiR-335-5p repressed tumor growth by inhibiting JMJD2C. (A-B) The specificity of si-JMJD2C was detected by qRT-PCR. Transfection with si-JMJD2C refrained JMJD2C expression while co-transfection of pcDNA3.1-si-JMJD2C and si-JMJD2C rescued JMJD2C expression. Which excluded the possibility of offtarget effect and verified the specificity of si-JMJD2C. (C-D) CFPAC-1 and PANC-1 cells were assigned into six groups including NC, si-JMJD2C, miR-335-5p inhibitor, si-JMJD2C+miR-335-5p inhibitor, si-JMJD2C+pcDNA3.1-ZMYM2, pcDNA3.1-si-JMJD2C group and pcDNA3.1-si-JMJD2C+ si-JMJD2C group, named after varied transfection. CCK-8 assay results showed that knockdown of JMJD2C inhibited the proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells CFPAC-1 and PANC-1, while miR-335-5p inhibitor increased proliferation rate and refrained the inhibition of si-JMJD2C on proliferation. JMJD2C overexpression abrogate the effects of sicircZMYM2. Overexpression of si-JMJD2C with si-JMJD2C rescued the effect of si-JMJD2C. (E) Flow cytometry assay results showed that JMJD2C knockdown significantly increased apoptosis rate of pancreatic cancer cells. MiR-335-5p inhibitor suppressed the apoptosis of cancer cells, and further refrained si-JMJD2C from inducing apoptosis. JMJD2C overexpression abrogate the effects of si-circZMYM2 on cell apoptosis. (F) Transwell assay results revealed in number of invaded cells that low expression of JMJD2C inhibited cancer cell invasion, and miR-335-5p inhibitor promoted cancer invasion. Co-transfection of miR-335-5p and si-JMJD2C reversed the latter induced invaded cell up-growth. JMJD2C overexpression abrogate the effects of si-circZMYM2 on cell invasion. ** P<0.01 compared with NC group.