Volume 55

Issue 3 in Progress

Vitamin B12 Induces Hepatic Fatty Infiltration through Altered Fatty Acid Metabolism

Boachie J., Adaikalakoteswari A., Gázquez A., Zammit V., Larqué E., Saravanan P.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:241-255

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000368

IFN-β, but not IFN-α, is Responsible for the Pro-Bacterial Effect of Type I Interferon

Shaabani N., Vartabedian V., Nguyen N., Honke N., Huang Z., Teijaro J.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:256-264

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000370

Development and Pilot Screen of Novel High Content Assay for Down Regulators of Expression of Heterogenous Nuclear Ribonuclear Protein H2

Diez J., Rajendrarao S., Baajour S., Sripadhan P., Spicer T., Scampavia L., Minond D.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:265-276

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000372

Lysosome Function in Cardiovascular Diseases

Bhat O., Li P.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:277-300

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000373

Can Unlikely Neanderthal Chloride Channel CLC-2 Gene Variants Provide Insights in Modern Human Infertility?

Jeworutzki E., Tüttelmann F., Rothenberg I., Pusch M., Schreiber J., Kliesch S., Wünsch B., Strutz-Seebohm N., Seebohm G.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:301-310

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000376

Osteogenic Response of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Analysed Using Combined Intracellular and Extracellular Metabolomic Monitoring

Surrati A., Evseev S., Jourdan F., Kim D., Sottile V.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:311-326

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000377

Errata and Retraction Statements - Page Numbers not yet assigned


Erratum for: The CircRNA-ACAP2/Hsa-miR-21-5p/Tiam1 Regulatory Feedback Circuit Affects the Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Colon Cancer SW480 Cells
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;49(4):1539-1550; DOI: 10.1159/000493457]



Erratum for: Hybrid Complexes of High and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronans Highly Enhance HASCs Differentiation: Implication for Facial Bioremodelling
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;44(3):1078-1092; DOI: 10.1159/000485414]



Erratum for: circZMYM2 Competed Endogenously with miR-335- 5p to Regulate JMJD2C in Pancreatic Cancer
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;51(5):2224-2236; DOI: 10.1159/000495868]


Retraction Statement

Retraction of: miR-100 Reverses Cisplatin Resistance in Breast Cancer by Suppressing HAX-1
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;47(5):2077-2087; DOI: 10.1159/000491476]


Retraction Statement

Retraction of: Long Non-Coding RNA-MALAT1 Mediates Retinal Ganglion Cell Apoptosis Through the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway in Rats with Glaucoma
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;43(5):2117-2132; DOI: 10.1159/000484231]


Retraction Statement

Retraction of: MiR-1-3p Suppresses the Proliferation, Invasion and Migration of Bladder Cancer Cells by Up-Regulating SFRP1 Expression
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;41(3):1179-1188; DOI: 10.1159/000464379]