Corresponding Author: Yueshu Wang and Yang Wang

Department of Orthopedics, China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University, No.126, Xiantai Street, Changchun 130033, Jilin (China)

Retraction Statement

The article entitled

“Knockdown MiR-302b Alleviates LPS-Induced Injury by Targeting Smad3 in C28/I2 Chondrocytic Cells”
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;45:733-743. DOI: 10.1159/000487165]
by Yueshu Wang, Tao Yu, Hui Jin, Changfu Zhao and Yang Wang
has been retracted by the former and current Publishers and Editors on behalf of the authors.

Following publication, concerns were raised regarding the images in the article. In response to queries from the Publisher, the authors found that some of the original images and data are missing. Consequently, the authors state they cannot address the concerns raised nor confirm the accuracy of the data and they requested the retraction of this article.