Volume 54

Issue 4

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Multi-omics Reveal that c-Src Modulates the Mitochondrial Phosphotyrosine Proteome and Metabolism According to Nutrient Availability

Guedouari H., Savoie M., Jean S., Djeungoue-Petga M., Pichaud N., Hébert-Chatelain E.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:517-537

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000237

Annexin A2-S100A10 Represents the Regulatory Component of Maxi-Cl Channel Dependent on Protein Tyrosine Dephosphorylation and Intracellular Ca2+

Islam M., Okada T., Merzlyak P., Toychiev A., Ando-Akatsuka Y., Sabirov R., Okada Y.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:538-555

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000238

Fluorometric Na+ Evaluation in Single Cells Using Flow Cytometry: Comparison with Flame Emission Assay

Yurinskaya V., Aksenov N., Moshkov A., Goryachaya T., Vereninov A.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:556-566

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000239

Evaluation of the Diaphragm Muscle Remodeling, Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Vascularization in Smokers: An Autopsy Study

Nucci R., Maifrino L., Busse A., Souza R., Pasqualucci C., Anaruma C., Leite R., Rodriguez R., Suemoto C., Jacob-Filho W.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:567-576

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000240

Osmotic Response of Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons Expressing Wild-Type and Mutant KCC3 Transporters

Flores B., Delpire E.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:577-590

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000241

Protein-Bound Polysaccharides from Coriolus Versicolor Induce RIPK1/RIPK3/MLKL-Mediated Necroptosis in ER-Positive Breast Cancer and Amelanotic Melanoma Cells

Pawlikowska M., Jędrzejewski T., Brożyna A., Wrotek S.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:591-604

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000242

Characterization of Suicidal Erythrocyte Death (Eryptosis) in Dogs

Katahira I., Neo S., Nagane M., Miyagi S., Hisasue M., Bhuyan A.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:605-614

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000243

Protein-Bound Polysaccharides from Coriolus Versicolor Fungus Disrupt the Crosstalk Between Breast Cancer Cells and Macrophages through Inhibition of Angiogenic Cytokines Production and Shifting Tumour-Associated Macrophages from the M2 to M1 Subtype

Jędrzejewski T., Pawlikowska M., Sobocińska J., Wrotek S.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:615-628

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000244

The Critical Role of Cell Metabolism for Essential Neutrophil Functions

Curi R., Levada-Pires A., Silva E., Poma S., Zambonatto R., Domenech P., Almeida M., Gritte R., Souza-Siqueira T., Gorjão R., Newsholme P., Pithon-Curi T.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:629-647

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000245

New Insights in Gene Expression Alteration as Effect of Paclitaxel Drug Resistance in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells

Jurj A., Pop L., Zanoaga O., Ciocan-Cârtiţă C., Cojocneanu R., Moldovan C., Raduly L., Pop-Bica C., Trif M., Irimie A., Berindan-Neagoe I., Braicu C.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:648-664

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000246

Adjustments in β-Adrenergic Signaling Contribute to the Amelioration of Cardiac Dysfunction by Exercise Training in Supravalvular Aortic Stenosis

de Souza S., Mota G., da Silva V., Sant'Ana P., Vileigas D., de Campos D., Padovani C., Rodrigues M., do Nascimento A., Sugizaki M., Bazan S., Brum P., Cicogna A.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:665-681

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000247

Acid Loading Unmasks Glucose Homeostatic Instability in Proximal-Tubule-Targeted Insulin/Insulin-Like-Growth-Factor-1 Receptor Dual Knockout Mice

Aljaylani A., Fluitt M., Piselli A., Shepard B., Tiwari S., Ecelbarger C.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:682-695

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000248

Impact of the DSP-H1684R Genetic Variant on Ion Channels Activity in iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Gusev K., Khudiakov A., Zaytseva A., Perepelina K., Makeenok S., Kaznacheyeva E., Kostareva A.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:696-706

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000249

Enhancement of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Response to Gemcitabine through Timed Administration of a Short-Acting Anti-Angiogenic Agent

Cheng J., Fuller J., Feldman R., Tap W., Owa T., Fuks Z., Kolesnick R.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:707-718

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000250

Cardioprotection Generated by Aerobic Exercise Training is Not Related to the Proliferation of Cardiomyocytes and Angiotensin-(1-7) Levels in the Hearts of Rats with Supravalvar Aortic Stenosis

Mota G., de Souza S., da Silva V., Gatto M., de Campos D., Sant'Ana P., Vileigas D., Padovani C., Casarini D., de Oliveira E., Bazan S., Fernandes T., Sugizaki M., Gomes E., Cicogna A.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:719-735

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000251

Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Muscle Stem Cells Activity

Tarantino U., Cariati I., Marini M., D'Arcangelo G., Tancredi V., Primavera M., Iundusi R., Gasbarra E., Scimeca M.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:736-747

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000252

Allicin Overcomes Hypoxia Mediated Cisplatin Resistance in Lung Cancer Cells through ROS Mediated Cell Death Pathway and by Suppressing Hypoxia Inducible Factors

Pandey N., Tyagi G., Kaur P., Pradhan S., Rajam M., Srivastava T.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:748-766

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000253

Emergence, Transmission, and Potential Therapeutic Targets for the COVID-19 Pandemic Associated with the SARS-CoV-2

Patil A., Göthert J., Khairnar V.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:767-790

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000254

Errata and Retraction Statements


Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:791

Erratum for: Effect of Circular ANRIL on the Inflammatory Response of Vascular Endothelial Cells in a Rat Model of Coronary Atherosclerosis
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;42(3):1202-1212; DOI: 10.1159/000478918]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000255


Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:792

Erratum for: Whole-Transcriptome Analysis of CD133+CD144+ Cancer Stem Cells Derived from Human Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;47(4):1696-1710; DOI: 10.1159/000490992]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000256


Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:793

Erratum for: Cerebral Mast Cells Participate In Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction by Promoting Astrocyte Activation
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2016;40(1-2):104-116; DOI: 10.1159/000452528]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000257


Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:794-796

Erratum for: Synergistic Antitumor Effect of BKM120 with Prima-1Met Via Inhibiting PI3K/AKT/mTOR and CPSF4/hTERT Signaling and Reactivating Mutant P53
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;45(5):1772-1786; DOI: 10.1159/000487786]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000258


Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:797

Erratum for: Long Noncoding RNA HOST2 Promotes Epithelial- Mesenchymal Transition, Proliferation, Invasion and Migration of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells by Activating the JAK2-STAT3 Signaling Pathway
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;51(1):301-314; DOI: 10.1159/000495231]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000259


Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:798

Erratum for: AQP2 Abundance is Regulated by the E3- Ligase CHIP Via HSP70
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;44(2):515-531; DOI: 10.1159/000485088]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000260


Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:799

Erratum for: VDR Activation Reduces Proteinuria and High-Glucose-Induced Injury of Kidneys and Podocytes by Regulating Wnt Signaling Pathway
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;43(1):39-51; DOI: 10.1159/000480315]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000261

Retraction Statement

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:800

Retraction of: Estradiol Modulates the Expression Pattern of Myosin Heavy Chain Subtypes via an ERα- Mediated Pathway in Muscle-Derived Tissues and Satellite Cells
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2013;33(3):681-691; DOI: 10.1159/000358644]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000262

Retraction Statement

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:801

Retraction of: Lentivirus-Mediated Gene Silencing of Lymphocyte Function-Associated Antigen 1 Inhibits Apoptosis of Hippocampal Neurons in Rats with Acute Cerebral Ischemia After Cerebral Lymphatic Blockage
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;51(3):1069-1086; DOI: 10.1159/000495488]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000263

Retraction Statement

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:802

Retraction of: MicroRNA-214 Affects Fibroblast Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Targeting Mitofusin-2 during Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in SD Rats with Birth Trauma
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;42(5):1870-1887; DOI: 10.1159/000479570]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000264

Retraction Statement

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:803

Retraction of: MicroRNA-27a Suppresses Detrusor Fibrosis in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats by Targeting PRKAA2 Through the TGF-β1/Smad3 Signaling Pathway
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;45(4):1333-1349; DOI: 10.1159/000487560]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000265

Retraction Statement

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:804

Retraction of: MicroRNA-381 Favors Repair of Nerve Injury Through Regulation of the SDF-1/ CXCR4 Signaling Pathway via LRRC4 in Acute Cerebral Ischemia after Cerebral Lymphatic Blockage
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;46(3):890-906; DOI: 10.1159/000488821]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000266

Retraction Statement

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:805

Retraction of: Effects of MicroRNA-206 on Osteosarcoma Cell Proliferation, Apoptosis, Migration and Invasion by Targeting ANXA2 Through the AKT Signaling Pathway
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;45(4):1410-1422; DOI: 10.1159/000487567]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000267

Retraction Statement

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:806

Retraction of: LOX-1-Mediated Effects on Vascular Cells in Atherosclerosis
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2016;38(5):1851-1859; DOI: 10.1159/000443123]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000268

Expression of Concern

Cell Physiol Biochem 2019;54:807

Expression of Concern for: MicroRNA-196b Inhibits Cell Growth and Metastasis of Lung Cancer Cells by Targeting Runx2
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;43(2):757-767; DOI: 10.1159/000481559]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000269

Expression of Concern

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:808

Expression of Concern for: MiR-146a Aggravates LPS-Induced Inflammatory Injury by Targeting CXCR4 in the Articular Chondrocytes
[Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;44(4):1282-1294; DOI: 10.1159/000485488]

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000270