Volume 54

Issue 4 in Progress

Multi-omics Reveal that c-Src Modulates the Mitochondrial Phosphotyrosine Proteome and Metabolism According to Nutrient Availability

Guedouari H., Savoie M., Jean S., Djeungoue-Petga M., Pichaud N., Hébert-Chatelain E.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:517-537

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000237

Annexin A2-S100A10 Represents the Regulatory Component of Maxi-Cl Channel Dependent on Protein Tyrosine Dephosphorylation and Intracellular Ca2+

Islam M., Okada T., Merzlyak P., Toychiev A., Ando-Akatsuka Y., Sabirov R., Okada Y.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2020;54:538-555

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000238