Volume 55

Issue 4 in Progress

Evaluation of Human Skin-Derived Stem Cell Characteristics After Non-Invasive Quantum Dot Labeling

Benzin H., Schumann S., Richter A., Kier J., Kruse C., Matthiessen A.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:387-399

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000391

Antithrombin Together with NETs Inhibitor Protected Against Postoperative Adhesion Formation in Mice

Sudo M., Xu J., Mitani K., Jimbo M., Tsutsui H., Hatano E., Fujimoto J.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:400-412

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000392

Exposure to Atrazine Induces Lung Inflammation through Nrf2-HO1 and Beclin 1/LC3 Pathways

D'Amico R., Monaco F., Fusco R., Peritore A., Genovese T., Impellizzerri D., Crupi R., Interdonato L., Sforza A., Gugliandolo E., Siracusa R., Cuzzocrea S, Cordaro M., Di Paola R.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:413-427

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000393

Population Coding of Capsaicin Concentration by Sensory Neurons Revealed Using Ca2+ Imaging of Dorsal Root Ganglia Explants from Adult pirt-GCaMP3 Mouse

Lawrence G., Zurawski T., Dong X., Dolly J.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:428-448

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000394

Uremia and Inadequate Oxygen Supply Induce Eryptosis and Intracellular Hypoxia in Red Blood Cells

Dias G., Tozoni S., Bohnen G., Grobe N., Rodrigues S., Meireles T., Nakao L., Pecoits-Filho R., Kotanko P., Moreno-Amaral A.

Cell Physiol Biochem 2021;55:449-459

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000396